Ongoing projects


Project's description and mission:

Emparejados is a program that supports the work placement for partners of international senior investigators who are settled in Barcelona.

Barcelona Global promotes Emparejados as a solution to a challenge identified by research centers: the attraction of international talent to Barcelona is conditioned by the future employment of their partner. The program was designed by Arancha Ruiz and her team of Headhunter & Talentist and it offer a duty to partners that allows them to know the employment opportunities in Barcelona and create a network to find work.

Barcelona Global makes this program available to research centers, as an additional offer to the benefits received by international researchers when they settle in the city.

This program requires the active participation of Barcelona Global members to help the researcher's partner in creating opportunities, networking and employability for which a directory of volunteers will be created.

Specific objectives of the project:

The purpose of Emparejados is to facilitate the search of employment for principal investigators’ partners since their employment status is a key factor that influences researcher’s final decision about accept a job offer. This program will increase the offer that the city's research centers provide to attract international talent. In this way, research centers in Barcelona will be in a better position when competing with other world reference centers.

Proponents Partners or partner and team driver:

Arancha Ruiz y su equipo de Headhunter&Talentist

Project description:

The program is divided into three parts:

1. Implementation of a project/duty: The partners will develop a project/duty in Barcelona Global related to his profession during a period of 3 months that will allow them to know the business network of their interest in Barcelona and to connect with the opportunities that this one can offer them. It may consist of mapping their sector/function in the city, creating a network or researching a professional opportunity.

2. The support of a Mentor and a Talentist: two reference people in the city will be assigned to partners, one related to their professional field (Mentor) and the other one related to the world of talent (Talentist).

- The Mentor will supervise the development of their project/duty in Barcelona Global, facilitating the integration of the researcher's partner in the city. It will also help them to connect with different professionals in their area and to participate in meetings or events that take place in Barcelona and/or are organized by Barcelona Global.

- The Talentist will support the employability of the partners, advising them on how to adapt their professional profile and communication to the Barcelona labor market and how to improve their employability in the territory.

3.Professional Opportunity: At the end of this program the partners will be able to interview 5 Barcelona Global member companies in which them believes that they can fit their talent to explore possibilities of adaptation.

The program has a duration of 3 months since its start and if during these 3 months the partner does not achieve any of the objectives proposed by the program, the collaboration with Barcelona Global would come to an end.

Expected results:

This program will complement the offer made by research centers to international researchers by creating a competitive advantage package that places the option of Barcelona before other cities more attractively.

For the couple, the employability of the partners allows for contributing to family expenses.  Additionally, it allows for the partners to not have to abandon their professional development, by giving them assistance in finding their own opportunity in Barcelona. Finally, it facilitates a better integration to the city.

Barcelona, Barcelona Global and its members all benefit from hosting a new international professional who puts at the disposal of the city their talent and who can be, along with their partner, a bridge between the scientific and business world. 


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