Ongoing projects


Project's description and mission:

To involve young people in the identification of Barcelona’s challenges and also in the development of ideas and impact projects for the city.

Specific objectives of the project:

To know first-hand the opinion of young university students about the challenges that the city has to face, offering them the opportunity to propose innovative solutions and help them to carry them out, thanks to the involvement of the members of Barcelona Global and the collaboration of the Mobile World Capital.

Facilitate the interaction between young people and companies, institutions and professionals, to work together to realize solutions.

Proponents Partners or partner and team driver:

Equip Impact.Barcelona: Adrià Marquès Casasayas, Robert Pérez Garcia, Alexandre Díaz Codina.

Project description:

Impact.Barcelona is an initiative that has a very clear objective: to involve young people in the future of their city. To achieve this, we have designed a unique value proposition involving their active participation:

  • The first call will be made with the launch of a video accompanied by a form, which should be answered by explaining briefly the challenges of Barcelona. This campaign will last approximately 21 days and will be shared on Impact.Barcelona’s social networks, ​​in addition to being spread by different platforms of the university community.
  • Once the responses are collected, the team of Impact.Barcelona, ​​with the support of Barcelona Global and the MWC, will detect the 4 most important challenges. Next, we will make a second call to find concrete solutions to these 4 challenges.
  • The best proposals will be presented on the final act (June 2017) and will be provided with the necessary resources and the necessary mentoring from Impact.Barcelona and its partner organizations.

Expected results:

Detect the 4 concerns that young people have regarding the future of Barcelona and find 4 feasible solutions to solve them.

Bringing together young people, companies and institutions to activate projects in Barcelona.


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