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Degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics in Barcelona

Project's description and mission:

Mission: To promote new inter-university degree in industrial engineering and economics in Barcelona, in collaboration with the UPF, the UPC and a third international university. This degree aims to form professionals in the field of industrial engineering and the economy with business involvement, global-in-nature and focused on contributing to the economic competitiveness of the city. 

Precedents: During June of 2015, Barcelona Global organised in the frame of a Barcelona Global Challenge 3 sessions lead by Joaquim Coello with the involvement of Francesc Solá, Teresa García-Milà, Martí Parellada. More than 60 members that shared the need to promote a model replicated at the level of a university degree that will form excellent professionals in an environment with strong business commitment. Resulting from these 3 sessions emerged the willingness to start a pilot test in the fields of industrial engineering and economics, with the participation of the University Pompeu Fabra and the Universitat Politénica de Cataluña. 

Specific objectives of the project:

The global objectives of the Project are the following:

  • Create an interuniversity degree of excellence as a mechanism to boost the training of highly qualified professionals.
  • Influence the financial competitiveness through the incorporation of international talent.
  • Involve companies in the design and implementation of the degree qualification.
  • Establish a scalable method to replicate it, if necessary, in other disciplines and academic projects in the future.

The Projects aims to provide an innovative proposal and one of excellence from a set of unique attributes:  

  • Elaboration of a new degree qualification that incorporates curriculum content of engineering combined with a training in economics.
  • Interuniversity collaboration (UPC, UPF more, eventually, a third international university).
  • Configuration of the curriculum in basic, generic and specific subjects with attention to transversal skills.
  • Teaching given in English.
  • Involvement of business sector from the outset.
  • Quality professional practices, emphasizing the international dimension, with the maximum managerial and academic joint responsibility.
  • Development of a part of the curriculum outside of Catalonia.
  • Specific system to select students (attitudes, aptitudes), faculty of UPC, UPF and outside.
  • Capture of students from all around the world.
  • Creation of collaboration mechanisms with the clear objective of employability.
  • Involvement of FemCAT, Barcelona Global and the brand of Barcelona associated with formation of international excellence.
  • Initiative of the civil society and two universities as an example of the collaboration of Public and Private.

Proponents Partners or partner and team driver:

Líder de la iniciativa: Joaquim Coello Entitats implicades: Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, FemCAT, Barcelona Global. Equip impulsor del Challenge: Francesc Solà, Martí Parellada, Teresa García-Milà.

Project description:

For the development of the initiative will create a management team that will lead the setting up of the degree of excellence in engineering and economics:

  • Agreement between universities and creation of the new official title, Interuniversity.
  • Identification of employers of in initiative.
  • Design of governance.
  • Design of grade with the corresponding academic entities.
  • Global search for international partnership with university institute with worldwide prestige.
  • Agreement with the Department of Business and Knowledge of Implementation of the Degree. 

Expected results:

  • Creation of the degree of excellence in industrial engineering and economics before two years from the approval of the project
  • Count with a group of companies involved to support and participate in the initiative of the degree of excellence in engineering and economics.
  • To incorporate the first promotion for the degree during the 2020-2021 course on the labour market. 

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