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Barcelona Impact Investment Community, offering mentoring opportunities to promote social entrepreneurship.

Project's description and mission:

This project´s aim is to offer to the Barcelona Global members the opportunity to participate as volunteers, mentors, or potential investors in impact investment programs aimed at endorsing social entrepreneurs to develop business initiatives.  

At the same time, the project seeks to position Barcelona as a hub of impact investment, combining the city’s social values with its entrepreneurial character.

Promoted by the Ship2b foundation, the Barcelona Impact Investment Community is an ecosystem of people, businesses and institutions that wishes to promote impact investment in our region. Impact investment is an investment strategy that intentionally searches for a double form of profitability: financial return at the same time as a measurable social or environmental impact. According to Forbes in their September 20th article, impact investment has growth potential similar to that experienced by venture capital in the 1980’s.

Specific objectives of the project:

  • To offer Barcelona Global members the opportunity to volunteer to participate in impact investment projects.
  • To help Ship2Be become a leader in impact investment in our country.
  • To offer Barcelona Global members a space for learning, networking, and involvement in doubly profitable projects –from financial and social perspectives.
  • To be part of the Impact Investment Ecosystem, with alliances with financial entities and existing networks of angel investors, along with the collaboration of those people and entities that have a clear interest in understanding, facilitating, investing in, or promoting social entrepreneurship and impact investment.
  • Have participation in this project be compatible with being member of other angel investor networks, investor associations, and venture capital firms. 

Proponents Partners or partner and team driver:

Coordinating member: Xavier Pont

Ship2B Promoting Team:

Carles Florensa - Owner of Eurosilla SA

Ignasi Ferrer – Vice President of the Ship2B Foundation

Helena Torras – Vice President of Operations & Board Director of Abiquo

Daniel Sánchez – Founder of Nauta Capital

Núria Vilanova – President of Atrevia

Germán Castejón - Partner of Kailas MT

Ignacio Fonts - CEO of Inveready Asset Management

Carolina Rius – General Director of inQuve

Miquel Miró – President of Grupo de Inversores Cooperativos SL (GICOOP)

Guy Spriggs - Founder of Ramillas

Project description:

The members of the Barcelona Impact Investment Community, in addition to constructing and contributing to a pioneering project, will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Training activities in order to understand impact investment more in depth
  • Networking between Community members and entrepreneurs
  • Crowd funding through the ‘crowdequity’ and ‘crowdlending’ platforms
  • Co-investments between Community members and collaborating entities
  • Sponsorship of accompanying programs and acceleration of social businesses of the Ship2b Foundation, source of new entrepreneurial initiatives for the Community
  • Transparency and accountability regarding the dedication of funds and results achieved

Expected results:

We are conscious of the importance of the close monitoring and measurement of results in order to build a strong and creditable foundation for this project. At the same time, this represents a great challenge, as we have in mind not only economic and quantitative results, but also qualitative results.

The Barcelona Impact Investment Community is constructed through the incorporation of new members of a high professional profile who, through their abilities and resources, can help to drive high impact social entrepreneurship.

On the other hand, we want to establish financial goals in order to facilitate meaningful contact between professionals and entrepreneurs that, with the help of networks like Barcelona Global, results in a major positive impact to society.


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