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2015 Barcelona Global International Talent Monitor

Project's description and mission:

The 2015 International Talent Monitor is the second edition of the International Talent Monitor launched in 2013 by Barcelona Global. The monitor aims to survey the international professionals based in Barcelona in order to improve Barcelona's international competitiveness. 

The first edition was initiated in 2013 by Gonzalo Rodés, Barcelona Global Vice President, and has since been launched every 2 years. This 2015 edition has been sponsored by Banco Sabadell and launched with the support of Instituto DYM.

During the month of May the survey has been launched. If you are an international professional looking to answer the survey contact us at

Visit the International Talent Monitor website:


Specific objectives of the project:

The objective of the International Talent Monitor initiative is to better know the needs and perceptions of the international professionals living and working in Barcelona in order to improve their sense of belonging and involvement here in Barcelona.

After analyzing the results of the first survey, Barcelona Global has actively worked to help integrate international professionals into Barcelonian society and business world.

The targets of the survey are the talented internationals living and working in Barcelona and are categorized as follows:
  • CEOs and Business Executives
  • Principal Investigators of R&D Centre
  • Top-Level Investors and Entrepreneurs
  • Creative Minds, Artists and Athletes
The survey is asking questions regarding the following subjects:
  • Working Conditions
  • Doing Business
  • Social Integration
  • Perception of Evolution
  • Education
  • Living Conditions

Proponents Partners or partner and team driver:

Initiative leader: Gonzalo Rodés (Vice President of Barcelona Global)

Barcelona Global International Talent Monitor 2015:

Carine Lebecque

Jack Rickles

Adriana Sala

With the sponsorship of Banc Sabadell and the support of Instituto DYM.

The 2015 version of the survey has been designed with the commitment of 40 professionals, the involvement of 50 international organizations, and a Steering Committee of 20 international experts.

International Talent Monitor Steering Committee:

  • Gonzalo Rodés (GBS Finanzas)
  • Conxa Oliu (Banc Sabadell)
  • Tony Anagor (Lifestyle DMC)
  • Craig Andrus (Principle Skate Key)
  • Jaume Baró (Barcelona Activa)
  • Ivan Bofarull (ESADE)
  • Sylvain Boy (Catenon)
  • Carlos Clavero (DYM Market Research)
  • Paul Cook (Marina Port Vell)
  • Kai Christian Fischer (Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira)
  • Francisco Granados (IBEI)
  • Andrew Gwatkin (General British Consulate Barcelona)
  • William Knauer (The Benjamin Franklin International School)
  • Ann Park (CPI Global CRO)
  • Lidan Qi (Qimeng Global)
  • Jürgen Salenbacher (CPB-lab)
  • Philippe Saman (Chambre de Commerce Française Barcelone)
  • Christian Stamkoetter (Danone Water)
  • Lluis Torrens (IESE Business School)
  • Travis H. Stacker (IRBB)
And all our partners who are helping us send out the survey:

Expected results:

The results of the 2015 International Talent Monitor will be presented during November.

An analytical report containing the results obtained about Barcelona’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to international talent professionals.

Information that leads to the development of strategies to improve the welcoming, attraction and retention of international talent in Barcelona.

Place the international talent community in Barcelona alongside the city’s civil society in developing the city in line with Barcelona Global’s mission:

  • Encourage other international professionals to choose Barcelona.

Publish the information to make Barcelona an attractive city for international talent:

  • Open Barcelona’s civil society.
  • Involve different institutional agencies in improving the conditions in the international talent community.

Place welcoming and integrating international talent as a key strategy for Barcelona in competing with other cities.

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