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Barcelona Global International Professional Talent Monitor: Work, Business and Life in Barcelona (1st Edition, 2013)

Project's description and mission:

Conduct a biannual monitor based on a survey completed by members of the international talent community resident in Barcelona. The survey should ask their opinions on different strategic aspects of the city in order to create action plans to make the city more attractive for international talent in accordance with Barcelona Global’s objectives.

Specific objectives of the project:

Create a register of international talented professionals resident in Barcelona.

Survey the international talent community resident in Barcelona about different aspects concerning their relation with the city and Barcelona Global’s mission.

Analyse Barcelona’s strengths and weaknesses in welcoming and retaining international talent.

Create action plans that allow the welcoming and retention of international talent to be improved:

  • Directly through Barcelona Global’s partners
  • Indirectly by collaborating with other associations and administrations.

Present the findings with the international talent community in Barcelona at an event with maximum institutional promenance. 

Proponents Partners or partner and team driver:

Coordinating partner: Gonzalo Rodés

Team Leader for Barcelona Global International Professional Talent Monitor 2013 :

  • Research Director: Dr. Francisco Granados, Instituto Barcelona de Estudios Internacionales (IBEI)
  • Research Associate and Barcelona Global Project Director: Ludovica Maglione Piromallo

Project description:

The survey will use a convenience sample created specifically for this purpose:

1. Via a network of collaborating centres and businesses.

The survey will ask about different aspects of the following:

  • Work in Barcelona
  • Doing Business in Barcelona
  • Social Integration in Barcelona
  • Educational System
  • Living Conditions in the city
  • Leaving Barcelona

With these focus areas the results can be analysed quantitatively and qualitatively to create a comprehensive overview of life in the international community in Barcelona.

The project responds to the desire to make Barcelona a welcoming city for international professionals who decide to work and/or live in the city.

Questionnaire design:

  • Analyse specialised literature
  • Interview sessions with international professionals for topic selection
  • Trial and error pilot sessions for the survey’s sampling

Selection of the census base:

  • Network of internal collaborators (Barcelona Global partners) and external collaborators (businesses, institutions, consulates, international chambers of commerce).


  • Digital platform design for the response
  • Weekly compilation of information and process in database
  • Quantitative analysis system
  • Qualitative analysis system

Expected results:

A register of international talent professionals in Barcelona.

An analytical report containing the results obtained about Barcelona’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to international talent professionals.

Information that leads to the development of strategies to improve the welcoming, attraction and retention of international talent in Barcelona.

Place the international talent community in Barcelona alongside the city’s civil society in developing the city in line with Barcelona Global’s mission:

  • Encourage other international professionals to choose Barcelona.

Publish the information to make Barcelona an attractive city for international talent:

  • Open Barcelona’s civil society.
  • Involve different institutional agencies in improving the conditions in the international talent community.

Place welcoming and integrating international talent as a key strategy for Barcelona in competing with other cities.

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