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Barcelona by Barcelona

Project's description and mission:

Create an application for mobile technology aimed at the international community that visits us for business or resides here and whereby the local business community and entrepreneurs recommend genuine places to visit, eat out, and shop at in Barcelona.

It is a way to make international visitors and residents know that Barcelona is a city open for business and talent, and that, beyond the classical tourist icons, there are many places with charm and authenticity.

Specific objectives of the project:

Creating a user-friendly technological tool aimed at making Barcelona more welcoming for the international community living in Barcelona and for visitors and business travellers.

To promote visions of an "authentic" Barcelona through the eyes and experience of local residents.

Promote the idea to visitors and the business community that Barcelona has an entrepreneurial business community that is open and dynamic.

Proponents Partners or partner and team driver:

Coordinating member: Gonzalo Rodés, president of GBS Catalonia.

Team behind the project: Poppy Grijalbo, Traslapuerta. Xavier Mas de Xaxás.

Until June 2013, with the support of Isabel Jubert. 

Project description:

One of the worst things affecting successful tourist destinations is the homogenization of global spaces, streets, business centres, restaurants, and shopping centres that replicate icons, business models, and undifferentiated global brands, which homogenize and eliminate local charm and differentiation.

Several analysts, including Richard Florida, on the global flows of foreign investment have identified local identity as a key element in achieving better and more foreign investment and in order to be attractive to a new generation of global talent. In this sense, the implementation of the Barcelona by Barcelona Application tries to show a genuine Barcelona to those international visitors and residents of our city with shopping areas, unique spaces, charming and genuine restaurants that are hidden under the massive global tourism offers.

Half of the nearly 8,000,000 visitors sleeping in the city every year, do so for business reasons (fairs, conferences, meetings, etc.). As such, Barcelona has a high potential channel to promote an image of the real city needed to attract more and better business activity and talent.

An App will be developed to enhance the image of this city for those visiting for an exhibition, conference, or meeting or also for an international manager that comes to live here. Thanks to the App, visitors can learn about unique places in Barcelona selected by prominent members of the business community and entrepreneurs from the city.

Thanks to journalist Xavier Mas de Xaxàs, seventy professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners from the city have been asked by Barcelona Global about unique places to eat, shop, and visit. Thanks to this information and a simple yet powerful application, visitors learn about Barcelona firsthand from a wide range of entrepreneurs and professionals.

The application will carry a fee and the target is for a wide take-up to reach an economic neutrality.

Expected results:

Creation of the Barcelona by Barcelona app. 

A target of 20,000 downloads in the first twelve months.

Making a stable alliance with Fira de Barcelona, Barcelona Convention Bureau, and AENA. 


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