Hola Barcelona Cocktail: Barcelona Global and the City Council of Barcelona welcome the international professionals.

Barcelona Global and the City Council of Barcelona have welcomed the international talent to the city in an event that took place last thursday, september 17th at Palauet Albéniz. The Hola Barcelona! Cocktail has become the reference event to welcome the international professionals that have decided to live and work in Barcelona, and to connect them to the city's civil society.

A Barcelona Global study has drawn the profile of these international professionals: 46,6% of them are employees of a local or foreign corporation, while 24% are entrepreneurs or investors, 16,4% researchers in a university or research center, and 11,8% are freelances.

Barcelona Global, committed to making Barcelona one of the best cities in the world to attract talent and develop economic activity, works for welcoming and engaging this international talent in the daily life of the city and connecting it to our culture, institutions, talent and businesses.

"Attracting, and more importantly, retaining talent is a common responsability. This is why we are here today: to commit ourselves and being more open, more thankful and more attractive for talent, wherever it comes from", said Barcelona Global President Marian Puig, that presided the event along with First Deputy Mayor of Barcelona, Gerardo Pisarello.

This is the aim to which the Hola Barcelona! Cocktail was born to, holding this year its third edition with the participation of more than 1.000 people, of whom the 60% were internationals.

The international talent residing in Barcelona arrives to the city hired by a local or foreign corporation (19%), for studies (17,6%) or for working in a university of research center (11%). Regarding the salary, 44% of them receive 50.000 euros or less per year, while 14% receives 500.000 euros or more per year.

This is taken out of the Barcelona Global International Talent Monitor, a survey that our association elaborates every two years with the collaboration of Banc Sabadell, in order to better know the opinion of the international talent that lives in the city. It analyzes factors as the living and work conditions, businesses, social integration or education.

The results of this study will be published in october and as the Hola Barcelona! Cocktail took place, the association has let know the profile of the 678 people surveyed, who have been reached with the help of business schools, commerce chambers, research centers, companies with a high level of international hiring, entrepreneurship associations and international schools, all of them having served as multipliers.

High educational level

The international talent that lives in Barcelona has a high educational level: 77% of the professionals hold a master's degree or higher.

The most common nationalities are french (16,4%), german (14,7%) and american (11,5%), nevertheless, there are 78 different nationalities. In total, they speak over 40 languages: 97,6% speak english, 78,6% spanish, and 20,2% catalan.

77% lives in the city of Barcelona (the majority of them in Sarrià-Sant Gervasi and l'Eixample), 4,3% in Sant Cugat, and 4% in Castelldefels.

Regarding the demographic profile, 62% of them are men, aged 35-49 (55,8%), partnered (77,6%), and 58,6% of them have children. 36% of them have lived in Barcelona for more than 10 years, while 24% of them arrived in Barcelona less than two years ago.

The Hola Barcelona! Cocktail has been conducted by Josep Lluis Sanfeliu, partner of Ysios Capital, and Michael Goldenberg, Managing Director and Group Corporate Director of Value Retail. Three testimonials of international professionals, entrepreneur Mac Parish, Director of Operations for Crowdcube Spain; the managing director Rose Chong, Global Management at Deutsche Bank Barcelona; and researcher Romain Quidant, ICREA Professor at ICFO (Institute of Photonic Sciences), have shared their experience in the city.

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