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BARCELONA GLOBAL has a mission: to contribute to making Barcelona one of the most attractive cities in the world for business and talent.

Barcelona Global is a private and civil platform for companies, professionals and entrepreneurs committed to designing practical solutions to improve the global competitiveness of Barcelona with the motto: "Make it happen" or "Fem que passi" in Catalan.

That is why it is important to have a global vision and a global network made up of those professionals who want to help make Barcelona a better city.

BARCELONA GLOBAL has formed the BARCELONA GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL, making the following commitments:

  1. To identify people who have a strong sense of belonging to Barcelona and who take great pride in the city, whether they were born here or not, and whose residences and regular places of work are outside Spain, and to select them according to their merits, qualities and careers.

  2. To send a quarterly survey of five questions to BARCELONA GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL members to get their opinions on particular aspects relating to the economic progress of the city and with the aim of sending a summary report containing their opinions to the Mayor of Barcelona and to our association's members.

  3. To organize an annual meeting of BARCELONA GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL in Barcelona, in order to bring together members and local members of the association with the city’s Mayor.

  4. To arrange regular interviews with members of BARCELONA GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL along with BARCELONA’s press in order to highlight their experiences and opinions.

  5. To provide information to BARCELONA GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL members on issues relating to the city and to develop and publish articles in their local press that contribute to the mission of BARCELONA GLOBAL.

  6. To inform all members of BARCELONA GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL of those events, news, projects and initiatives of interest that take place in Barcelona.

  7. To arrange meetings between the authorities of the city of Barcelona and BARCELONA GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL members in their city of residence in order to strengthen economic cooperation.

  8. To promote and push for members of BARCELONA GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL to be involved with other institutions dealing with the economic and social progress of the city of Barcelona and to collaborate with companies from Barcelona based in their city of residence.

  9. To invite BARCELONA GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL members to participate in events and BARCELONA GLOBAL activities.


I agree to:

  1. Actively promote Barcelona internationally.

  2. Promote the image and assets of the city of Barcelona in the city where I live, especially in the economic field, and to attract talent in formal and informal gatherings, conferences, media events and more generally in other social and professional areas.

  3. Act as a spokesperson and representative of BARCELONA GLOBAL in my home town.

  4. Communicate potential business opportunities that may be of interest to the city of Barcelona (inbound or outbound) to BARCELONA GLOBAL, provided that the information concerned is public and general knowledge and is not restricted.

  5. Take part as far as possible in the organisation of visits by the Mayor of Barcelona or other municipal officials to my home town.

  6. Take part as far as possible in BARCELONA GLOBAL activities that take place in my home town.


  8. Reply to questionnaires and requests for collaboration from BARCELONA GLOBAL.

  9. Authorize the public distribution of my membership of BARCELONA GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL, with the relevant information.

  10. To pay the annual membership fee by bank transfer or equivalent to BARCELONA GLOBAL'S account in 'la Caixa' Swift CAIXESBBXXX (IBAN: ES44 2100 0709 02 0038 3539)

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