What we do

BARCELONA GLOBAL develops projects related to the competitiveness of Barcelona, and these are presented to members and approved following a specific methodology for all associates.

In order to provide solutions that improve the competitiveness of the city, Barcelona Global´s projects look to:

  • Strengthen the Barcelona brand, associating it with sectors and activities of the highest quality and value added.
  • Facilitate the attraction, retention and landing process of foreign investment and talent in Barcelona.
  • Bring together innovative talent and business decision centers and institutions.
  • Encourage dialogue between economic sectors and across different groups as a way of detecting development opportunities.
  • Collaborate with other institutions, organizations, and public authorities on various types of projects and initiatives.

Projects in line with the association´s mission and objectives are presented by members, either individually or in groups, using a standard form that highlights the main details of the project, its objective, methodology, timeline, and requirements in terms of teams and resources.

If approved by the Board, the projects are then presented to all members for their consideration, and via an electronic voting system, they are approved or not.

Once the project is approved, a team is created to carry out the initiative, coordinated by a project leader who has the full support of the executive structure of the association.

Barcelona Global Projects

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