Board of Directors
  • Chelo Abarca

    Chelo Abarca


    Institutional Relations Director of Amazon España.

  • José Francisco Adell Duacastella

    José Francisco Adell Duacastella

    Grupo Julià

    José Francisco Adell Duacasella is CEO at Grupo Julià. 

  • Ramón Agenjo

    Ramón Agenjo

    Grupo Damm

    Ramón Agenjo is the CEO of Grupo Damm.

  • Albert Agustí

    Albert Agustí

    Real Club de Tenis Barcelona

    Albert Agustí García-Navarro is the President of the Real Club de Tenis de Barcelona since 2008. 

  • Salvador  Alemany

    Salvador Alemany


    Salvador Alemany is the president of Abertis and SABA. He also presides over CAREC (Council for Economic Recovery and Growth, an advisory body to the government of the Autonomous Region of Catalonia) advising on policies aimed at generating economic recovery in Catalonia.

  • María José Álvarez

    María José Álvarez

    Catalana Occidente

    María José Álvarez is Director of Innovation, Marketing and Comunication at Grupo Catalana Occidente.

  • Antonio Asensio Mosbah

    Antonio Asensio Mosbah

    Grupo Zeta

    Antonio Asensio is President of Grupo Zeta, S.A. 

  • Bibiana Ballbè Serra

    Bibiana Ballbè Serra


    Founder & Director at TheCreativeNet

  • Oriol Barrachina

    Oriol Barrachina

    Cushman & Wakefield

    Oriol Barrachina is the managing partner at Cushman & Wakefield in Barcelona. 

  • Maite Barrera

    Maite Barrera

    Bluecap Management Consulting

    Maite Barrera is Founding Partner at Bluecap Management Consulting.

  • Eugenia  Bieto

    Eugenia Bieto


    General Director of ESADE

  • Josep Lluis Bonet

    Josep Lluis Bonet


    Josep Lluís Bonet is president of Freixenet. He is also professor of economics at the University of Barcelona, and he is president of the Executive Committee at Fira de Barcelona, president of Alimentaria, the food and beverages trade fair, and president of the Brands Forum.

  • Alberto Cáceres

    Alberto Cáceres

    Clear Channel

    Alberto Cáceres is the CEO of Clear Channel.

  • Jordi Camí

    Jordi Camí


    Jordi Camí is the CEO of the Parc de Recerca Biomèdica de Barcelona. With a long record in the research field and the management of sanitation and biotechnology, today he is also the director of teh Pasqual Maragall Foundation, which fights against Alzheimer´s. 

  • Jordi William Carnes

    Jordi William Carnes

    Tourism Barcelona

    Jordi William is General Director of Tourism Barcelona.

  • Artur Carulla

    Artur Carulla


    Artur Carulla is the president of Agrolimen. He is also the Vice President of Cercle d'Economia, a business forum, and a board member of Repsol. 

  • Aurora Catà

    Aurora Catà

    Seeliger & Conde

    Aurora Catà is a partner at Seeliger & Conde and is also a member of the board of Cercle d’Economia, a business forum. 

  • Joaquim Coello

    Joaquim Coello


    Joaquim Coello is former President of APPLUS and board member of several industrial companies. He was President of the Port of Barcelona and was also the second president of Barcelona Global. Elected since 2014 as Honorary President of Barcelona Global.

  • Luis  Comas

    Luis Comas


    Luis Comas is the General Legal Adviser at SEAT and the Volkswagen Group. 

  • Luis Conde

    Luis Conde

    Seeliger & Conde

    Luis Conde is the managing director of Seeliger & Conde, a company specialised in head hunting. Member of the board at Fira de Barcelona and president of Saló Nàutic, the boat show. 

  • Emilio Cuatrecasas

    Emilio Cuatrecasas

    Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira

    Emilio Cuatrecasas is president of Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira, the second largest law firm in Spain. He is also president of Areas. Since May 2012 and until June 2014 he was president of Barcelona Global. Now, he has been elected as Honorary President of Barcelona Global.

  • Alfredo Eguiagaray

    Alfredo Eguiagaray

    Ernst & Young

    Alfredo Eguiagaray is the Audit HR & Operations Managing Partner at EY for the Barcelona Office since 2009. Alfredo is also the Head of “Family Business” for the EY's Barcelona Office.

  • Antoni  Esteve

    Antoni Esteve


    Antoni Esteve is Director at the pharmaceutical company Esteve. 

  • Kim Faura Batlle

    Kim Faura Batlle


    Kim Faura is CEO of Telefónica in the Mediterranean area (Catalonia, Balearic Islands, Valencia, and Murcia).

  • Ana Fernández

    Ana Fernández


    Ana Fernández is Chief of Communications & Public Affairs Officer at Vueling. 

  • Ignasi Ferrer

    Ignasi Ferrer


    Vice-President Ship2B and independent advisor

  • Pedro Fontana

    Pedro Fontana


    Pedro Fontana is the Executive President of Areas. He also presides the APD in the Mediterranean area. 

  • Mark  Freeman

    Mark Freeman

    Institute for Integrated Transitions

    Executive Director of the Institute for Integrated Transitions

  • Carlos Godó

    Carlos Godó

    Grupo Godó

    Carlos Godó is the CEO of Grupo Godó. 

  • Michael  Goldenberg

    Michael Goldenberg

    Value Retail

    Michael Goldenberg is the CEO of Value Retail

  • Ainhoa Grandes

    Ainhoa Grandes

    MACBA Foundation

    Ainhoa Grandes is the managing director of Fundació MACBA (Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona). Fundació MACBA is a private entity that was started in 1987 with a broad representation of civil society in Spain. Its aim is to provide the MACBA its permanent collection.

  • Helena  Guardans

    Helena Guardans


    Helena Guardans is CEO in SELLBYTEL Group Spain.

  • Pau Guardans

    Pau Guardans

    Único Hoteles

    President of Único Hoteles & Real State, Honorary Consul of South Corea Consulate in Barcelona.

  • Fritz Holderlein

    Fritz Holderlein


    Fritz Holderlein is the CEO of Everis. 

  • David  Madí

    David Madí

    Endesa and Applus

    David Madí is President of the Advisory Board at Endesa and Vice President de Applus+.

  • Isaak Marcet

    Isaak Marcet


    Founder of Playground

  • Fátima Martín Porta

    Fátima Martín Porta


    Fátima Martín is CEO at ITnow and Vice-President at IBM GTS. 

  • Josep Martínez Vila

    Josep Martínez Vila


    Josep Martínez Vila is CEO at SABA, a benchmark company in the area of car parks and logistics. 

  • Andreu Mas - Colell

    Andreu Mas - Colell

    Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology

    President del Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology

  • Arturo Mas-Sardá

    Arturo Mas-Sardá

    PortAventura World

    Mr. Mas-Sardá is president of PortAventura World since November 2012. 

  • Ángel Mesado

    Ángel Mesado


    Ángel Mesado is Airbnb Head of Public Policy in Spain & Portugal.

  • Raimon Miret

    Raimon Miret


    Raimon Miret is the Managing Director of Accenture in Spain, Portugal, Africa, and Israel

  • Tomás  Muniesa

    Tomás Muniesa

    La Caixa

    Tomàs Muniesa is the CEO at CaixaBank, and CEO & Deputy Chairman at VidaCaixa.

  • Jaume Oliu

    Jaume Oliu

    Banc Sabadell

    Director of Corporate Development Projects at Banco Sabadell

  • Heribert Padrol

    Heribert Padrol

    Consultancy firm IplusF

    President and accionist of the consultancy firm IplusF

  • Enric Picanyol

    Enric Picanyol

    Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira

    Enric Picanyol is Partner at Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira in its corporate group and he has managed the Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira offices in New York and in London.

  • José María Piera

    José María Piera


    Executive Vicepresident of SCPF

  • Julia Prats

    Julia Prats


    Julia Prats is a professor at IESE specialising in entrepreneurship.

  • Marian Puig

    Marian Puig

    Fundació Puig

    Puig Fundation

  • Maria Reig Moles

    Maria Reig Moles

    Reig Capital Group

    Maria Reig, President of Reig Capital, is the founding President of Barcelona Global. 

  • Raimon Ripoll

    Raimon Ripoll


    Raimon Ripoll is Partner at Deloitte. 

  • Ricard Robles

    Ricard Robles


    Ricard Robles is one of the founders and partners in the advanced music festival, SONAR. 

  • Gonzalo Rodés

    Gonzalo Rodés


    Gonzalo Rodés is President of Barcelona Global, President of GBS in Catalonia and Vice President of Fundació Príncep de Girona.

  • Josep Lluis Sanfeliu

    Josep Lluis Sanfeliu

    Ysios Capital

    Josep Lluis Sanfeliu is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the venture capital firm Ysios Capital Partners

  • Lluís Seguí

    Lluís Seguí

    Miura Private Equity

    Lluís Seguí is Co-founder of Miura Private Equity, where he serves as Managing Partner and Director.

  • Joaquim Serra

    Joaquim Serra

    Natura Bissé

    Joaquim Serra is Vice-President of Natura Bissé. 

  • Ceclia Tham

    Ceclia Tham

    MOB Barcelona

    MOB Barcelona

  • Lluís Torner

    Lluís Torner


    Director de l'ICFO

  • Aleix Valls

    Aleix Valls


    Aleix Valls és CEO a Mobile World Capital Barcelona. 

  • Carles Ventura

    Carles Ventura

    Banc de Sabadell

    Carles Ventura is assistant managing director at Banc de Sabadell. 

  • Miguel  Vicente

    Miguel Vicente

    Antai Business Angels

    Miguel Vicente is founder of Let´s Bonus and is now a partner at Antai Business Angels. 

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