Become a member

Barcelona Global is an open and inclusive platform made up of people and companies committed to the economic development of the city and willing to contribute their time, resources, ideas, projects, contacts, knowledge, and energy to accomplish the goals of the association.

Barcelona Global has two types of membership:

  1. Corporate members. Companies that are committed to Barcelona and rank amongst the top firms in terms of value and jobs created. These companies express a three-fold commitment: corporate, personal, and economic. The corporate members that contribute the most qualify as corporate protector members, and are entitled to occupy 1/3 of the Board and to appoint 5 individual members.
    • Corporate protector members: annual fee of €10,000
    • Corporate members: annual fee of €2,000
  2. Individual members.The city’s most prominent individuals in their respective fields who assume a high degree of personal commitment to the association´s mission.
    • Individual protector members: annual fee of €1,000
    • Individual standard members: annual fee of €300
    • Individual standard members under 30: annual fee of €120

To become a member of Barcelona Global, please fill out the attached application form corresponding to your preferred membership type. You will need to be endorsed by at least two members of the association. The nomination is subject to approval by the Board of Directors of the association. 

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